The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ is the true story of an atheist’s quest to debunk the claims of Christianity in order to save his crumbling marriage.

The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel

Delve into the profound significance of ancient Jewish traditions with “The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel” by Victor Buksbazen.

American Gospel: Christ Crucified

American Gospel: Christ Crucified explores how the paths of post-modernism and progressive Christianity lead to a different gospel, and a god created in our own image.

Remember and Proclaim: Scripture Songs for Little Ones

Remember and Proclaim is a new collection of Scripture songs designed to help families know and sing truth to themselves and to each other.

Meet Haven's New President & Host

David Wollen

After serving at Haven for nearly 25 years, Charles Morris is excited to announce he will be stepping into an emeritus role and welcomes David Wollen as the new president and host for Haven Ministries.

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Anchor Devotional

Now What?

Monday / April 1st 2024

We just turned the calendar page on another month after rejoicing in Jesus’ resurrection from the grave. Clean up from your Easter celebrations yesterday may not even be finished yet, and you are wondering from a spiritual standpoint, Now what? How does the after-Easter Christian move ahead? Is it just a matter of counting the number of days remaining until the next big holiday? I don’t think so. Jesus ascended to …

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Featured Blog Post

Russell Berger on Faith After Atheism

Thursday / March 28th 2024

An atheist-turned-Christian, Russell Berger has walked the opposite path that we’re seeing so many young people take today. Whether that’s turning their backs on Christianity for good or adopting a progressive version of the gospel, Russell’s story is a helpful reminder that God is in the business of saving His lost sheep. On today’s episode of the Great Stories Podcast by Haven Today, Russell shares how the Lord plucked him from the hopelessness of atheism…

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