Other Ways to Listen

In addition to being available on your local radio station, you can listen to HAVEN Today and El Faro De Redención by downloading our mobile APP or listening through the following podcast platforms.

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Haven Today

with David Wollen

Every day, David Wollen speaks with warmth and spiritual insight to people who need Jesus. HAVEN Today calls us to the only lasting resolution to life’s problems – the gospel of Jesus Christ. Every day’s program is fresh, relatable and engaging, taking a cue from the headlines and addressing today’s concerns.

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El Faro de Redencíon

with Danny Rojas

Led by Danny Rojas, El Faro de Redención—in English, Redemption Lighthouse—is a daily broadcast reaching the largest island in the Caribbean and beyond. Our team in the United States and Cuba is committed to sharing programs centered on Christ’s redeeming work. Through the podcast and stations outside of Cuba, El Faro de Redención is also a space for sharing the voice of Cuban Christians with listeners around the world.